Master planning is of fundamental significance for lifestyle quality of every urbanized environment and it is necessary that its creation is within the context of climate, communications, respective functional and cultural area conditions. Our team has a vast experience in planning urban settlements and areas, residential and cultural areas, commercial and retail centers, business and office parks, industrial and logistics parks, sports and entertainment complexes, educational and university centers as well as a multitude of existing building-, communication- and transportation plan alterations. Regardless of scale difference of various master planning assignments and tasks, we, from the position of our experience, apply a professionally developed systematic approach to their solutions.Correct master planning approach provides for fruitful background for quality architecture conception and elaboration.


The meaning and essence of architecture can be defined in different ways: space modeling, habitat modeling, function and efficiency modeling, form and effect modeling, emotional perception modeling, public opinion modeling, cultural values modeling and many other definitions. We believe that all definitions known to mankind intertwine and relate with each other through direct and indirect organic connections into a unified Model which, regardless of its variable nuances, we call Architecture. Within the context of this philosophy, our company has elaborated and realized a multitude of architectural assignments of variable themes, ideas, functions and cultural importance in all realms of public life such as: residential and hotel buildings, office and public buildings, educational and university complexes, retail and entertainment complexes, healthcare facilities, religious assemblies, monuments and museums and buildings of social and cultural importance.We think that architect’s calling is in the impetus to search, model and create new horizons and standards focusing on surrounding environment, historical and cultural heritage, lifestyle, nature and ecology and to save the latter.

Feasibility Study

Any investment project success is unimaginable without precise parameter, functional as well as concrete assignment specifics study and planning and analysis of all steps necessary for its solution. We think that project effectiveness is of great importance for achieving set investment goals as well as future operation and management of design outcome. As a first step we analyze client’s requirements, eventual problems and conflicts and existing example and competition project evidence. Based on retrieved information and in keeping with investment goals and expectations we elaborate an efficiency step-and-counsel pre-design program which provides our clients for complete information as to future project progress.

Preliminary Consulting Services

For most of our clients we provide a full preliminary project research for specific plots including regulation and development status and its future construction possibilities, electrical power supply status, water supply and city sewerage status, heat or gas supply status, telephone network status etc. Client representatives are free to assist in property acquisition procedures and present preliminary investment analysis and strategic planning based on evaluation of market dynamics and all factors that might affect the success of the transaction, correct market valuation, acquisition preliminary cost analysis and analysis of future potential.

Interior Design

Interior imparts architectural space individuality and characteristic appearance as well as creates habitat functionality and convenience. Interior space has to be flexible as a solution so as to be maximum capable of complying with life and changing environment conditions.In our projects we analyze client’s requirements, all communication, technological and aesthetic aspects of particular assignment after which we elaborate a program focusing on all necessary aspects of interior solution so that our mutual work achieves a successful result.Every interior solution is characteristic and strictly specific for the particular assignment; it has to have clear purpose and convey respectively the necessary message for that.


Presentation is the most powerful means of presenting, sharing and discussion of ideas created by man. We present to our clients, they, in their turn, present to their clients, their clients to somebody else and so everybody, on a daily basis, has to present their views. Our team of 3D artists and modelers, except for effective means of communication between people, defines presentation as an art. An art which with the help of its means of expression: 3D visualization, animation, models and vocal media aims at sending a message and communicating to the client in the clearest possible way one architectural idea.


As the authors of our designs we perceive them as our own children and abide close by them along the way to the moment they grow so much up that they are able to take care of themselves. Road from design to realization is sometimes long and requires adequate and professional design team support. In order to realize planned goals and to achieve a quality result clear definition of main priorities is necessary as well as the right choice out of the various market abundance and technical solutions’ efficiency and expedience. We think that quality control is of prime importance for achieving a quality architectural product.