BLU offices is a project of the highest class, which combines office space for rent, hotel and conference center. The area is located on the east side of 11 “Brussels” boulevard at the beginning of the trestle to the airport. The complex has a total area of 48 627 m2 and is located near Sofia Airport on an undeveloped territory in one of the most rapidly developing in architectural and building construction aspects regions in Sofia. In close proximity are situated the buildings of “Porsche Center” and “Maserati Center.”

With its location the complex may compared to a “door” to the capital city. BLU offices is distinguished by its excellent visibility both in the direction of Sofia Airport and the the visitors arriving and traveling to the central part of the capital.

The subject and purpose of the project was the creation of a modern, multi-functional in architectural planning and spatial aspects complex, aiming at the coexistence of different mutually complementary functional groups- underground parking, hotel and conference block, exhibition areas and two office units.